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We’re on the lookout for talented individuals and visionary minds who share our Social Network vision.

Explore collaboration opportunities

If you’re interested in collaborating or investing in us, seize this opportunity to be part of something extraordinary.

Content creators

Digital creatives such as influencers, YouTubers, podcasters, bloggers, and others.

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Freelances and Companies

In the field of app development, financial consulting, and other sectors.


Entrepreneurs and Investors

Individuals keen on investing in a promising venture

About Omegame

The first social App designed for Gamers

Omegame is Startup based in Italy and powered by a team of passionate individuals dedicated to building an innovative App.


We’re legally sound, and behind our operations are partners and supporters who ensure that we navigate with purpose and precision.

We’ve already reached some remarkable milestones by bringing our idea to life.


Our App is ready to go and it will be available soon in Beta version for both Android and iOS.

Content Creator

Imagine being the first content creator on your favorite social network...

With us, you can make that a reality, and together, we can have a significant impact on the gaming community.
Whether you specialize in gameplay videos, live streams, reviews, or tutorials, there’s a place for you on our team.

Benefits of joining Omegame Network

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Boost your visibility

Our network is designed to exponentially increase your followers.

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Make your mark

Access to exclusive features and resources on our platform​.


Early access

Your Omegame profile is ready to go. Join with your followers and bond with other creators to create the best gaming network.

How can you support us?

We invite you to share Omegame with your audience and contribute to our growth. And don’t worry, there are no mandatory scripts, you’ll have the freedom to manage yourself independently.

Omegame caught my attention right away. As a content creator, I appreciate their authenticity and commitment to understanding the needs of the Gaming Community by proposing this innovative idea. I am excited to support this project!

Freelancers and companies

Explore a new opportunity to grow and innovate

We are seeking professionals who can take our project to the next level.
If our startup resonates with you, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss partnership opportunities.

Showcase your skills

Unleash your potential and make a meaningful impact in the industry.


Expand Your Horizons

Explore exciting possibilities in the gaming ecosystem.


Unlock Your Potential

Seize this opportunity and improve your skills with a project you can be proud of.

Calogero Galipò
Calogero GalipòAdvisor & PM
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I decided to invest in this project because I firmly believe in the idea of Omegame and the potential of the team. I'm sure that together we will achieve great results.
Mirko Vitamia
Mirko VitamiaMarketing Manager
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My decision to join Omegame is driven by my confidence in its potential. Bringing my marketing experience to such an energetic and motivated team feels fantastic. We're ready to accomplish great things together and reach new heights in the gaming sector.
Entrepreneurs and Investors

Looking for investment opportunity?

With over 3.3 billion gamers seeking a dedicated space for their passions, now is the time to join us in creating a unique App.

Gaming Market Hits $184 Billion in 2023

The global gaming market reached $184 billion in 2023 and is projected to reach $205.7 billion by 2026.


This growth is driven by the increasing number of players worldwide (3.38 billion), which continues to grow by +6.3% year on year.

Source: Newzoo | Global Market Report | October 2023

Support our Start up through this jorney

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer them.

Omegame vs other Socials

Everything gamers need in just one platform. Omegame stands out with its exclusive features designed for the gaming community.

It’s not just about blending social media with video games.Our social is a one-of-a-kind hub that keeps gamers hooked with a fully immersive experience.

Our team's skills

Our dynamic team is always growing. We brought together a wide range of skilled professionals, such as System Analysts, Designers, Marketing, and Network Specialists.

Learn more about our team checking the page About.

Aspirations and future plans

Our Kickstarter campaign is underway, and shortly after, the Omegame Beta version will be released. This initial phase will allow us to test the waters and devise the proper strategy for the official App release to the wider public.


In parallel, we are diligently working to enhance Omegame, both as a stable and high-performance App and as a reliable and solid startup. We’re brimming with ideas for new features and improvements to bring to life in the future, which will shape Omegame’s evolution and propel it to new heights.

Welcoming collaborations

We welcome all expertise. Currently, our focus is on collaborating with developers who can assist us with App development, as well as individuals working in the financial  field.


However, we remain open to hearing from individuals from diverse backgrounds to contribute to our team’s growth.

Ready to collaborate?

We’re open to exploring partnership opportunities.

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