Gaming is more than

What if there were a social platform where you could freely share your greatest passion? Omegame is the pioneering platform created for gamers worldwide.

Earn XP

Take your profile to the next level and become the top player.

Dynamic Quests

Overcome challenges, earn rewards and unique skins to customize your profile.

Games Review

Speak up and have an impact on the gaming community.

Share your hightlights

Clutch, Pentakill, Skill Goal, Fatality. Remember the memes, you can't always rank!

Gaming is more!

Created by Gamers​​
Designed for Gamers

It’s not just a simple hobby but a lifestyle, and Omegame fully understands this sentiment.


We packed all the features a gamer needs into a single App, from the ability to share their gaming experiences, explore new games, provide valuable feedback, make purchases and level up their profile.

Our team

Project Players

Paolo Pantaleo

Founder & IT Specialist

Umberto Di Giugno

Co-Founder & IT Specialist

Luara Araujo Pereira

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Calogero Galipò

Advisor & PM

Mirko Vitamia

Marketing Manager

Michele Forlante

Advisor & PR

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